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Lord Of The Rain: Embracing The Rainbows In The Midst Of The Storm


You need to take the time to read this wonderfully encouraging  book  By Starr LaPradd if you have ever found yourself facing a storm. Maybe you are riding one out right now. It could be cancer, financial issues, job loss, or even panic attacks. No matter what your situation, this family's story will show you how to enjoy the rainbows, even when things get rough and life throws you thunder and lightening. Learn how to focus on the big picture in the midst of your downpour and remember God is carrying you all the way. No matter how overwhelmed you may feel, God is majestically good and wants the best for His children. The sun always appears more brilliant after the rains come, so grab your sunglasses and get ready for the journey!  138 pages. Book includes a dvd.

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